13 Signs That Shows You’re Obsessed With A TV Series



From  “Breaking Bad” to “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Game of Thrones” to ,” there are without doubt so many TV shows to get hooked on.

What TV shows are you addicted to? Check out 13 signs you’re addicted to a new, old, or classic show.

Here we go;

1.  You watch  two seasons in a row before you realize that you haven’t moved or done any chore all day.

2. You set the photo of your favourite TV character as your display picture on various social media platforms.

3. You constantly imagine yourself as manipulative and smart as .

4. You get violent when people spoil an episode you are yet to see.

5. You stay awake all night so you can get to the end of the season.


6. You get your or daily habit from a particular character on show.

7. You have sleepless nights after a heartbreaking episode, or in anticipation of  an upcoming episode.

8. You go on a Twitter rant when showrunners kill off a favourite character.

9. You kick off a petition when your favourite character is , or the show ends with an annoying cliffhanger.

10. There is nothing to talk about with someone who doesn’t watch it.

. You cannot go through a conversation without making reference to a character or quote from the show. You just have to quote your favourite TV shows to yourself.


12. Your Twitter/Instagram handles always have something that tells everyone what show you are hooked on.

13. You are emotionally connected to the characters. You laugh, you cry and you feel every emotion with the fictional characters.

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