Is M.I Really Depressed Or Seeking Attention?


Sometime yesterday, Jude “M.I” Abaga broke the with claims that he was depressed, I was shook, sincerely I was ; Why?

I went to his album listening party at the Mitsubishi Showroom VI and to me that was most inspiring thing I have experienced in a long time.

I saw him turn his craft to a beautiful Tedtalk about , it’s rise and how to live above negativity. It went beyond the music, it was a self evaluation conference. Everybody there felt the upwelling. It was liberating.

Somewhere in the program , M.I was asked “are you depressed?” after a few participants had shared their dark paths, M. I debunked. He swore he wasn’t, he said he made the album because of the high wave of depression.

, one thing you said and I have held till now “Just be amazing, if I can do it, you can do!” What’s wrong right now?

Did you lie to the fans to please your ego, not to look weak and vulnerable because if that was the case it defeats the essence of this album!

However, guess what? MI, I did. I found myself. I have been smiling a lot lately, listening, taking time out every day to meditate and tell myself “ you are amazing”

This album is actually the best thing to happen to young smart people in this age where social media is sending people to dark places.

I was going to review this album but sometimes you gotta let perfection perfect itself.

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