Meet Senator Abu Ibrahim: The Man That Connected President Buhari To Tinubu At The Beginning Of APC

Abacha incarcerated Tinubu and Abu Ibrahim at the wake of the struggle for June 12


is a and a symbol of in this country”
– Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Today, as the wrongs of the past 25 years are revisited and put right by the indefatigable Government of President , history was equally put in its proper perspectives as the National chairman of the ruling party, Bola poured encomiums on Senator Abu Ibrahim, citing his selfless involvement in the struggle for the actualization of June 12, including his refusal to enjoy personal through release on bail because that same gesture wasn’t extended to himself and others.

Abacha incarcerated Tinubu and Abu Ibrahim at the wake of the struggle for June 12.

It was the meeting of the two, way back, that gave to the alliance between PMB and The southwest as led by Tinubu which consequently gave rise to the merger between Cpc and Acn and App that formed what we have today as APC.

ABU Ibrahim convinced Buhari to align with Tinubu and convinced Tinubu to align with Buhari.

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Abu ibrahim, a four – term senator representing kastina south , He is chairman Senate committee on Police affairs and the Chairman Board of Trustees of NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF BUHARI SUPPORT GROUPS, NCBSG.

The NCBSG is the body that manages and coordinates all other support groups for the president and consequently for the 2019 campaigns and election activities.The NCBSG has over 300 support Groups registered under it.

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