The Voice Nigeria Contestant, Wolei Activates #FollowYourPassion/#Efimile Movement

The Voice Nigeria Season 2 superstar, W O L E I, invites you to join the #followyourpassion movement! 


This movement was birthed by the release of the Afro RnB / Soul singer’s first official , #Efimile, which talks about how he struggled with studying Economics in school, only to discover a musical genius within a few years down the line.

He also describes the hardship he faced when he decided after school, to chase a career in music despite the fact that his father wanted him to go down a different path.

He invites all who are also victims of this same social problem of forcing kids to go down occupational paths for the incentive of money or because parents feel that certain occupations are fashionable, and all who are stuck in jobs that they do not enjoy to speak up! Tell your own #Efimile story and let the world know know what genius truly lies within you if you’re allowed to do what you love!

The #Efimile crooner aims to encourage young people to find and follow their true passion with all their heart and soul, with persistent effort, and encourage new parents to end the cycle of imposition by being more sensitive to their children’s affinities, natural abilities, gifts, talents, dreams and support them strongly in going down that line.

How do you join the movement?

  1. Download Wolei’s Efimile here:
  2. Record a video, telling your own #Efimile story while playing #Efimile in the background.
  3. Upload this video to your social   media platforms (, Instagram, Twitter, and any other that you are active on), tag @wolei_sway, and be sure to include the hashtags #followyourpassion and #Efimile. Then tag anyone that you think needs to see it or that you know will be touched by the #followyourpassion movement.
  4. Also join the conversation by searching the hashtags #Efimile and #followyourpassion to see posts by others. Drop a comment and / share if you see something that speaks to you.

The Voice Nigeria Contestant, Wolei Activates #FollowYourPassion/#Efimile Movement

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