Singer Ink Edwards Writes Inspiring Article For The Millennial Kids


Singer Ink Edwards who recently dropped a widely accepted EP – The Girls That Came By – took time out to talk to his friends about the struggles of being successful.

The beautiful piece was simply the artiste telling every pressured millenial kids out there to enjoy their process. It might get hard but pressure makes diamond init.

Check it out here.


Dear Millennial, hope you’re having a decent day. I write to you because I have met quite a number of us lately who are depressed and down about their present life situation and I thought to share my perspective on things.

Just like you, I probably should write more but I procrastinate and I sometimes have the attention span of a 6month old. I stylishly blame it on the fact that I am learning daily and my opinions are subject to radical change upon receiving new information.

Even as I write this I contemplate not writing this even though the good people at GCFI requested this piece some 5weeks ago but life can be a jam and balance is active work.

That being said, I have engaged a fair amount of us lately and many are disappointed about their progress and have stage lights set on their setbacks. I in part think we do not fully understand the gravity of what we request from life and God on a daily basis.

A greater percentage of humans live, go to a regular job, start a family, age and die. They never own a business or chase any real vision but I meet 25year olds depressed because one idea didn’t work out or a few businesses failed.

I also strangely meet 24year olds who are sad because they aren’t their own bosses yet, all of these visions are beautiful but we should really be thankful for the opportunity and for our options.

Maybe being a CEO at 24 shouldn’t be easy, sometimes the internal pressure in our tone scares me. I feel like we are too deeply caught up with the idea that the next deal or opportunity is “the one” and not just yet another one in our life journey.

Some of us have only lived maybe a third of our lives by average human existence but consider it overly defining. Please friends do not pressure yourselves unnecessarily, do not solely let ideals and standards set by other people be your leading light.

Be truly grateful for what has come and stay striving for your heart desires, celebrating every bit of progress. Do well to consider and apply things at your level.

A retail example I’d always give is the one about the man who produced 1000 units and sells 75 units a week and the man who produced 50 units and sells 10 units a week. Yes, the man selling 75 is making a killing but the honest sales indices are he sells 7.5% of his products weekly and the selling 10 units a week is moving 20% of his stock weekly and clearly doing way better but it might not seem so.

Yes you want to move 75units but first, do you want his liability? Secondly do you have the capacity? And maybe some things need to start small to find the best scalable model.

It’s honestly the best time to be alive, we can be almost anything. As a generation we are capable of magic and we can do very special things but in my opinion we should pursue with pure gratitude in our hearts.

Even when we fail, it’s okay to feel it but pick apart the lessons and let the rest be carcass. I partly have my failings and the wisdom from them to thank for my wins. I wouldn’t make this any longer because I personally might not read it if it was any longer so if you got here you’re pretty amazing and thank you for taking the time.

I wish you genuine happiness and the very best things. You are not alone in the trenches my friend and as you work towards your goals I pray you find all the wisdom and strength you need.

Love always, Brian.

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