VIDEO: Jaden Smith Does Iconic Moonwalks At 2017 Rolling Loud Southern California

Jaden pulled Michael Jackson’s famous dance moves in front of cheering audience


stays atop the news, rolling out cool stuffs for media houses to talk about. Just concluded weekend, he took the stage by storm and left eventgoers in excitement as he does iconic moonwalks perfectly.

The thriving pop star delivered a solid rendition of his ‘Icon’ track ahead of his now talked-about moonwalks. Jaden pulled ’s famous dance moves in front of cheering audience.

“I like to think that my mom taught me how to moonwalk, ’cause, she’s amazing at ,” Jaden says in the short interview, which SEPTIN911 posted below the clips of him moonwalking.

” I would always watch Michael [Jackson], I would always watch Michael when I was young, and he would be moonwalking and—I don’t know. I just picked it up.”

Watch the Moonwalking clips below;

How Jaden learnt moonwalking;

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